Live Sports Protection from Streaming Piracy

Fighting streaming piracy requires state-of-the-art technologies that drastically accelerate illegal live streams detection, verification, and enforcement across all the internet. WebKontrol’s Live Sports Monitoring solution offers a full cycle of service that is able to trace sources of illicit re-streaming and eliminate it in real-time without undermining existing content delivery processes.

Sports piracy under scrutiny

Fueled by wide penetration of portable devices and an increase of on-site content consumption, IPTV services, and various apps and browser extensions become another major issue for sports right holders. These services and add-ons facilitate access to hundreds of free and premium live sports channels across the globe. We provide extensive coverage of the official app and browser extension stores and IPTV services.

Boosting post-live sports content monetization

The total lockdown across the world we saw in 2020 unveiled the true value of post-live sports reruns and event highlights. Non-live sports piracy is blocking revenue flows coming from official channels on social media platforms, in times when those channels are crucial for sports rights owners’ stability. We provide in-depth social media coverage to help you boost your audience on your legal channels and secure revenue from digital content monetization.

  • Machine-powered detection
    Our crawling engine accumulates pages containing illegal live streams both on social media sites and streaming aggregate sites from the open internet.
  • Multi-layer stream verification

    Allegedly infringing live streams are verified by our highly accurate video fingerprinting technology that matches detected re-transmissions with original stream source in real-time.

  • Comprehensive enforcement

    Take-down notices are issued automatically once illegal live streams are verified. On the largest sites, we remove unauthorized re-transmissions immediately, leveraging embedded take-down tools. ISP escalation procedure is also conducted.

  • Global and region-specific approach

    We pay very close attention not only to well-known international platforms but also to large regional resources significant for local markets: United States, China, Russia, Iran, Japan, and others.