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Anti-Piracy Protection for Movies and TV Series

Fighting Media Piracy with automatic content recognition

Movie piracy: always on the rise

A staggering number of high-quality films, original series, and various TV shows produced across the globe co-exist with a breathtaking abundance of media piracy that affects all parties involved in delivering the entertainment: content creators and distributors, OTT-platforms, and broadcasters. Losses are counted in billions of dollars of revenue.

The challenges of a movie streaming era

The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the transition to media content consumption on streaming platforms. With theatrical releases forbidden worldwide, digital platforms have become a major source of new films and TV series and a gift to the pirates. It’s far easier for pirates to obtain high-quality recordings from digital platforms than to record traditional releases in actual movie theaters.

The timely detection and takedown of pirated films and TV series are crucial to ensuring the reach of planned legal audiences and thus securing your revenue.

Media Content Protection

At WebKontrol, we understand your challenges and deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions to minimize the damage done by movie piracy. Our machine-powered site crawler and advanced video fingerprinting technology perform in-depth internet screening and precisely identify unauthorized copies of your original titles.

The anti-piracy approach to a New Season Premiere of a TV series or theatrical release would be quite different from the anti-piracy approach to a catalog of digital titles.

What you get
  • Detection of the first leaked copy
    We trace the initial pirated copy that has been uploaded online
  • Hourly scanning of ALL social media and video hosting sites

    Machine-driven scanning of the largest global platforms to immediately detect and take down content on sites with the biggest audience reach

  • Broad coverage of an unlimited number of resources

    Once leaked, your content might be re-uploaded anywhere on the net. We provide coverage of an unlimited number of sites to ensure the best protection

  • ISPs escalation procedure

    We contact hosting providers to achieve the maximum results in the takedown of unauthorized media content

  • 24/7 reporting via live interface

    We always keep you posted with progress reports on media content protection