WebKontrol is now WebKyte. Explore our Automatic Content Recognition solutions.

Check user-generated videos for copyright infringement

Avoid legal claims, protect your brand, and attract creators with the automatic content recognition tool

Play like the big guys

Upgrade your platform with a ready-to-use equivalent of YouTube Content ID and Meta Rights Manager.


Video recognition to fuel your growth

Win the favor of creators, viewers,
and rightsholders by using the video recognition tool
  • Attract creators
    with a transparent monetary system and enhanced statistics based on video fingerprints.
  • Avoid copyright claims
    and build trust with rightsholders through automatic recognition of infringing content.
  • Protect your brand
    by identifying copyrighted or harmful content.

Instant video match with digital fingerprints

Identify video copies using digital fingerprints. It is a lightweight, secure, and unique line of code representing a specific video. Using WebKontrol you automatically generate fingerprints for every upload on your platform and identify illegal videos at scale.


How content recognition works

Automatically detect copyrighted and harmful videos before it goes public
  • 1
    Set up the WebKontrol API
    to automatically fingerprint every video on a platform
  • 2
    Start automatic recognition
    by comparing fingerprints of your content with fingerprints of illicit videos
  • 3
    Detect unauthorized content
    to avoid copyright claims and protect your brand
  • 4
    Keep your content safe
    WebKontrol never collects or has access to the files used to generate video fingerprints, which cannot be reversed and reconverted into the original video files

Transparency is cool, piracy is not

Transparency can be a game-changer for rightsholders, creators, and advertisers when selecting a video platform. Achieve it by supporting rightsholders' licenses with the WebKontrol pre-filtering tool.

Prevent unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content

and direct viewers to rightsholders' official channels.

Ensure fair distribution

of profits between rightsholders

by verifying licensed content and establishing a trustworthy monetization system.

Provide rightsholders with metrics such as views and engagement

to help them assess their content performance on your platform.

Fully comply with Article 17

Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive requires platforms with user-generated content to implement technical measures, such as automatic content identification software, to prevent the upload of copyrighted content without a license or rightsholder approval.

WebKontrol ensures compliance by quickly identifying unauthorized copyrighted videos and preventing potential legal charges under Article 17.

Leave unauthorized and harmful content to your competitors

  • Cost-effective solution

    Accurate matching results eliminate the need for large moderation teams and reduce the potential for human error.

  • Video matching to accelerate growth
    Use WebKontrol to match an unlimited number of videos simultaneously, fully automatically via API.
  • Edit-proof video fingerprints

    Be aware of copyrighted video uploads, even if they are mirrored, cropped, or otherwise distorted.

  • Instant detection
    Verification is fast, providing a seamless experience for your creators.