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Instantly detect copies of your video content

Protect your content and prevent revenue loss with the self-service scanning tool
Automatic content recognition software

Scan video fingerprints, not video files

Save time and money by identifying video copies using digital fingerprints. It is a lightweight, secure, and unique line of code representing a specific video. Automatically generate fingerprints for all your video content with WebKontrol to detect more copies and combat piracy on a large scale.


Scan, detect, claim

Check platforms for copies of your videos to stop piracy and regain control of your content
Find copies instantly
Get match results for a video
Mass video matching
Scan hundreds of thousands of videos simultaneously
Get detailed information
Obtain links, view count, and upload dates for each copy.
Video match results
Export match results to Excel
Easily notify platforms about copyright infringement
Find even re-named copies
Don't overlook a copy due to a different title
Manage a whitelist
Whitelist official channels to exclude them from match results

Supported video platforms
that you can scan

All the platforms are compliant and remove content within minutes upon takedown notices

Get started with WebScan

Fingerprint your content to discover the extent of overlooked piracy
To fingerprint a large number of videos
set the WebScan API to scan your content library
To fingerprint a small number of videos
simply drag and drop video files using the user-friendly desktop version of WebScan

Make your intellectual property too hard to pirate

  • With security in mind

    Digital fingerprints are completely secure and not reversible to the original video files.

  • Cost-effective solution

    Accurate matching results eliminate the need for large moderation teams and reduce the potential for human error.

  • Integration level: easy

    The quick and client-friendly setup requires minimum effort on your part.

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