BitTorrent Geo-analysis

Know your customers to develop a better sales strategy

The key to successful content selling is a clear understanding of customer and their preferences.

WebKontrol’s BitTorrent geo-analysis provides data about the volume of local demand: what titles are popular and how many views and downloads they have from country to country and city to city. This information is invaluable for developing efficient sales marketing strategy for library titles.

How it works

The P2P sites are considered to be a black box – one never knows how many of your titles are distributed illegally and what territories are involved. Every P2P site is a large number of IPs sharing content with each other in a specific way – unauthorized copies are often misnamed and divided in pieces for faster uploading.

WebKontrol’s BitTorrent geo-analysis solution ensures wide P2P transparency and provides you with detailed data on seeds, peers, and exact locations (cities, countries) to drive legal, financial or marketing insights. Our unstoppable crawler identifies IPs that share and download your content and the countries to which they belong.

What we deliver

  • Overall market analysis: Estimate the potential market basing on real interest to your content.

    Discover which of your titles are the most or less popular. 

    Get numbers – downloads and counters for seeds and peers.

    See how popular content is spreading across cities and countries on the intuitive dashboard.

  • Assistance in claiming fines: In some countries, such as Germany and the U.S., you can reimburse your losses by issuing penalties to those who share your content illegally. Our copyright legal team can assist you in claiming fines from P2P sites.

  • Google takedown wherever possible.

Locate monetization opportunities on the untapped parts of your market.

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