Legal Enforcement

Dealing with non-compliant websites

Most major video hosting websites comply with takedown notices, because their servers tend to be located in countries that strictly follow copyright laws. Unfortunately, there are always some that do not comply and, in such cases, the only way to protect your content is to appeal to the court in a territory that has its own rules and nuances.

WebKontrol’s professional copyright lawyers work closely with international colleagues to assist you in safeguarding your rights in most territories.

How we do it

  • In Germany and the U.S. you are able to demand fines for unauthorized content distribution via peer-to-peer (P2P) networks

  • In Europe and Russia you can insist on blocking a non-compliant website that repeatedly infringes your rights. Read more >>

  • We collect all evidence from all servers and territories.

  • We can advise on European and global legal partners who are able to fulfill legal action. 

We do our utmost to advise you on the most effective course of action.

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