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Video content filtering

Be in charge of every upload on your platform

Automation of Copyright Protection

WebKontrol’s video recognition software fully automates the detection of illicitly distributed video content. The content matching is performed simultaneously for any number of media assets and is easily scalable. As comparison is conducted by video fingerprints, the matching results are returned extremely fast, in a matter of seconds.

The implementation of a video identification system also eliminates the necessity to maintain a vast team of content moderators while reducing the human factor in content verification. Platforms catch true infringements faster, while cutting their costs.

Compliance with Article 17

Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive puts obligations on the platforms with user-generated content to implement technical measures, such as automated content identification software, to ensure that copyrighted content does not get uploaded without a license or approval of a rightsholder.

By law, the platforms are required to automatically verify files prior to making them accessible for users on-site and block them if they contain copyright infringements. Appropriate rights management systems must also be adapted to enable the administration of licenses and monetization revenue.

Article 17 has radically changed the media ecosystem by making social media and other platforms liable for overlooking the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.

WebKontrol’s video identification system empowers platforms to rapidly spot unauthorized copyrighted video content and prevent legal charges for breaching Article 17.

Protection against Harmful Content

As in the case of automating the detection of copyrighted content, WebKontrol’s video recognition tool enables it to instantly identify and take down harmful, abusive content. This is made possible by creating a Reference database of illegal content, including adult videos, sexual abuse materials, terrorist and violent extremist content, and non-consensual intimate content that has been requested to be removed by the victim.

Keeping platforms safe is crucial for maintaining a high level of user experience.

Misinformation Reduction

Videos with misinformation about health, politics, and other matters can spread quickly and harm your platform's reputation. With WebKontrol's solution, you can automatically track and flag videos with non-factual and harmful information to prevent the misinformation's negative outcomes.

Play like the big guys

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