Protection of your legal rights

Russia is understandably perceived as a copyright abusing country when it comes to legal standards and rights enforcement. However, it has effective laws against websites that refuse to take down content they distribute illegally.

In WebKontrol’s experience, nearly all websites comply once a claim reaches the Moscow City Court, otherwise they face permanent blocking across Russian territory.

Legal enforcement in Russia is quick and effective

Our professional copyright lawyers can initiate an impactful, cost-effective and fast enforcement or takedown procedure on your behalf. This is an administrative procedure to induce compliance within 24 hours from any website, for a fixed fee.

We have blocked 900 websites. 

How we do it

The list of documents required to prove your ownership is short and easy to submit.

  • Title-specific permanent takedown: This will ensure that your content is taken down within 24 hours and permanently, even if the site was previously non-compliant. Moreover, the Court decision will state that the site shall take preventive measures to ensure the content does not appear on it again.

  • Permanent site blocking: A repetitive action against the same site enables you to request permanent site blocking during the Court hearing. 

  • Permanent mirror site blocking: Starting October 1, 2017, you can appeal to the Court for the blocking of all mirror sites of the website that has been blocked in Russian territory and get your content taken down immediately.

  • The Court order enforcement: The RKN government body monitors now-compliant websites for a year after the Court decision comes into force. WebKontrol always double checks such websites and informs RKN of any infringements detected.

In the last 5 years WebKontrol has assisted in successfully blocking more than 500 non-complaint websites, for clients including the Hollywood majors.

Download the brochure with the list of cases and details